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Gilles Puelings
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Hey and welcome to my website.

Karting is my life.

October 2012 I started senior max karting. 2014 as rookie competition began. Each race was a learning experience, each race I fought for each place and I went for every gap.

2015 and 2016 the ambition was making progress in senior max. You can follow my Results here.

2017 I made my debute in DD2 class. I was very thrilled making this step in karting. My first season made me champion in Belgian Max Challenge.

I combine racing with my bachelor marketing at PXL.

2018 I became vice champion in DD2 and got my ticket for the Rotax Grand Finals (worldchampionship) in Brazil, from 22nd november to 1st december 2018. Read more on Grand Finals

I will keep you informed.


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